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Free Lance Articles and Poems

Articles  have been published in the following newspapers during the past years:

The Charlotte Observer (and former Charlotte News )
The Charlotte Post
The Newell Informer (no longer in circulation)
Topics of some newspaper articles were submitted as a Guest Columnist


Poems and Articles Published in Friendship Missionary Baptist Church News

Some of the titles include:

    Several poems have been published  in newsletters and on funeral programs.


Publication of Curriculum Guide on Language Flexibility 

Language Flexibility Curriculum Guide (currently being revised) focuses on the effective and appropriate use of speech and language, not only in the classroom, but for persons in all segments of society. Formal and informal language styles, dialects and regionalisms are addressed along with practice drills and illustrations.

From Charlotte Observer (Mecklenburg Neighbors)

Returning To Johnson C. Smith Rekindles “The Dream”(excerpt)
August, 1986

Towering over majestic trees and dominating Charlotte’s skyline is Biddle Hall, one of the roots of Johnson C. Smith University. The famous clock in the Biddle Hall tower chimed to welcome alumni as we returned to gather “pieces of a dream", search our roots and rekindle the flames of loyalty as we sang our loyalty song: "We love thee Smith with all our hearts. To thee we’ll ‘ere be true."

Recall The Miracle- Keep It Alive and Growing in Charlotte (Excerpt)
September 9, 1987

It has been one month since you helped fourteen happy families to become the proud owners of a house to call their own. You cared enough to come from twenty eight states and two Canadian provinces to join local supporters and volunteers to make the miracle happen. Because of your commitment, time,, talents, resources, and support, the Miracle on 19th Street became a reality. 

After one month of reflecting, I am beginning to look at the miracle in a different perspective. Perhaps the miracle on 19th street parallels the miracle found in Matthew 14 of the Great Book.  Perhaps it was divinely inspired.  If two fish and five loaves could be blessed to feed five thousand with twelve baskets of fragments   remaining, then it is possible that a seed of faith in a project can be multiplied into a team of loving, caring people working together in a spirit of oneness to reach a common goal.

Of Work, Beauty From His Toil  (exerpts)
March 29, 1989

For years, I have observed him from my Newell school window.  A busy man, always moving at a brisk pace.  I have watched the seasons come and go as he planted flowers in the spring, kept manicured lawns and flowers in the summer, raked leaves in the fall and shoveled snow in the winter.

Beaver Russell, a man whose name quite aptly speaks for itself. A true beaver in the sense of the word.  Persistent in getting the job done well.  A hero at work in an era when pride and love of one’s job is sometimes lacking.

 As he says, “There is an art to work. You should keep a steady pace .Enjoy your work. Make yourself useful .Strive for perfection, or do your best. Keep your mind busy so that you don’t have time to think up foolishness.  Set a goal.  Make a start.    A lesson well shared.